Response to the Suite of Articles on Teaching the Bible from the Journal of Jewish Education 74:1 (2008)

May. 27, 2008

Source: Journal of Jewish Education, Volume 74, Issue 2, pages 227 – 236


This article responds to three articles in the most recent issue of The Journal of Jewish Education (74:1) in which a variety of researchers examined Bible teaching that employed an approach to Bible pedagogy that had been characterized by the present author as the "Contextual Orientation” in his previously published book, Textual Knowledge: Teaching the Bible in Theory and in Practice.


The author responds to these three empirical studies in the light of the theory that he had previously articulated and explores issues, complexities and new insights that are raised by the suite of articles. In particular the article looks at various uses of the “The Documentary Hypothesis” as they appear in the empirical studies and it explores complexities in the relationship between the "Contextual Orientation" and other orientations that were raised by these three studies, many of which were not anticipated in the author's original work.

Updated: Oct. 04, 2008