The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, Hillel International and The Jewish Theological Seminary Launch Joint Masters Program

June 11, 2018

Source: Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem 

The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators, Hillel International and The Davidson School of The Jewish Theological Seminary announced a formal partnership to launch a joint MA program in Experiential Jewish Education.

Set to launch this fall, the three-year program, designed specifically for Hillel professionals, will begin with two years at Pardes in the Pardes Experiential Educators Program, in conjunction with online graduate study, and a third year back on campus. Students will receive an MA in Jewish Education from The Davidson School and will be placed as Senior Jewish Educators at Hillels’ in North America upon graduation.

“With our balanced focus on rigorous study of Jewish content and personal and communal meaning, we’re uniquely positioned to train Hillel professionals as Senior Jewish Educators,” shared Aviva Golbert, Director of the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators. “We are thrilled to partner with The Davidson School at JTS in providing the best foundation for Hillel's strongest educators."

The new program at Pardes will teach Hillel professionals experiential education skills in order to excel as experiential educators and professionals on campus. The program will synthesize what they learn in their text, ulpan, and community experiences with their professional skills in order to become capable, knowledgeable, and inspiring master Jewish educators.

“Hillel is focused on ensuring that we have the best Jewish educators on staff to serve students throughout the world,” said Chief Talent Officer of Hillel International, Mimi Kravetz. “In developing this program with Pardes and the Davidson School, we are building our talent pipeline for education positions on campus.”

Hillel International’s research has shown that Senior Jewish Educators are critical in engaging students and have the greatest impact on students’ Jewish growth. On average, educators connect more than 200 students per year to Jewish life, many of whom would not be engaged without their presence. The effect of an educator is much greater on a student with little or no prior involvement with Hillel or those with less structured Jewish backgrounds.

“Education is the passport to the future,” said Dr. Ofra Backenroth, Associate Dean at the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education. “A collaboration between Pardes, Hillel and The Davidson School promises to be a project that will keep the Jewish spark lit and will contribute to the development of excellent educators with strong Jewish identity, committed to excellent Jewish education and to best practices.”

For More Information, Please Contact: Aviva Golbert at Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.

Updated: Jun. 13, 2018