Canfei Nesharim – Torah-based Eco-Judaism


Source: Canfei Nesharim


Canfei Nesharim, a US-based non profit organization, founded in 2003, provides a Torah-based approach to the relationship between traditional Jewish sources and modern environmental issues.  As a leader of a Torah-based environmental movement, Canfei Nesharim develops programs and materials for synagogues and schools in both the Orthodox and wider Jewish communities, and promotes from their rich website and mail list an ongoing dialogue about the Torah-mandated responsibility to protect the environment.


Canfei Nesharim is providing support to lay leaders to engage their whole communities, shifting the mindset of the community members and creating actions and awareness that appeal to the entire congregation.


Canfei Nesharim is also working to identify the best products, strategies, and venues for introducing the connection between Torah and the environment to Orthodox day schools.


Numerous learning resources for the community, schools and individuals are available on their website, such as:

• A weekly environmental lesson based on the weekly synagogue Torah reading
• Lesson plans for Jewish holidays and environmental activities
• Publications on Jewish law and environmental protection
• Ideas for community and school environmental protection activities
• A monthly newsletter with Torah thoughts and facts about the environment!
• Links to environmental organizations and learning resources on the web

Updated: Oct. 04, 2008