Hebrew: Legacy of Innovation Conference 2018

November 4-5, 2018

Source: WZO


The Hebrew: Legacy of Innovation Conference, celebrates the importance of Hebrew as a language, as a culture and as a key to identity. This year's conference, to be held in Newark NJ on November 4-5, 2018, will mark the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel and will focus on Hebrew as a legacy of innovation - language and culture developing and bringing development. During the two days of the conference there will be lectures on the Hebrew language and inspirational sessions, discussions on ideological and methodological aspects related to the study of Hebrew as a second language, workshops offering practical tools, a program fair and more.

The conference provides an opportunity for North American Hebrew educators to be exposed to and familiarize with existing teaching methods, studies and programs, along with meetings with Hebrew teachers and teaching staff from Israel, school principals and representatives of educational programs, researchers and experts, community leaders, philanthropists and more. They all have a common vision, aspiring to deepen the study of Hebrew language and culture in North America, with the understanding that Hebrew is no longer a foreign language or a second language: even if it is not a mother tongue it is the language of a nation.

Three parallel tracks will be held at the Conference:

  • Track for Shlichim teachers 
  • Track for local Hebrew teachers 
  • A course for Hebrew Council members

Among the goals of the conference:

  • To create a professional and supportive community of Hebrew teachers, community leaders, academic researchers and philanthropic institutions in North America through a professional-educational meeting of practitioners of Hebrew language and culture.
  • Professional enrichment through workshops, lectures and discussions of pedagogic innovations, academic achievements and challenges in teaching Hebrew.
  • In-depth discussion of research in the field of teaching Hebrew and presentation of current academic approaches.
  • Exposure to program creators, teaching methods and learning materials.
  • The conference is also an opportunity to bring together emissaries who have come to North America to teach the Hebrew language and bring Israel to class. The joint gathering, as part of their training and professional enrichment, establishes the community of shlichim, enables peer learning and encourages new initiatives.

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Updated: Aug. 14, 2018