Civic Discourse in the Supplemental Jewish Classroom

November 8, 2018

Source: eJewish Philanthropy


In the wake of recent events, supplemental school teachers looked not only for projects to assist those in need, but also materials to help their students digest and make sense of an occurrence, the seeming randomness and cruelty of which was difficult to understand. The staff at began to write, crafting lessons and text sheets to assist educators and clergy with framing healthy conversations about national/world events. These resources were developed based on core, shared values, mined from Jewish wisdom across time, which served as touchstones for centering conversations and promoting civil discourse, while leaving space for multiple points of view.

Since that time, the bank of lessons available as part of the Challenge and Response curricula has been deepened and broadened, giving teachers Jewish avenues for exploring and processing local, national, and international crises. The overwhelmingly positive response to these lessons, reflected in ever-surging downloads, emboldened us to develop material which speaks to the spiritual, communal and civic responsibility to address the root causes of some of the crises currently faced by our nation and the world.

Jewish professionals from all ranks, and across denominational lines, have engaged their students with these materials. Many users have reached out to us with expressions of gratitude and requests for more. And “more” is always being created.

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Updated: Dec. 05, 2018