The Jewish Warsaw Web Site

December 18, 2018

Source: Jewish Heritage Europe 


If you are interested in Jewish history and heritage in Warsaw, a good place to start is the Jewish Warsaw web site created by the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Jewish Warsaw is a richly detailed, multimedia online resource, presenting Warsaw as seen through the history of its Jewish residents, past and present. It is an extremely valuable resource — for visitors as well as for armchair travelers.

It has three sections presenting different ways to “tour” the city, its history and its present-day Jewish life.

  • one follows in the footsteps of nine individual Jews who historically were important for the city
  • one follows in the footsteps of children’s rights pioneer Janusz Korczak, the WW2-era Jewish orphanage director who was deported to his death along with the children from the orphanage
  • one, “Past and Present,” is a multi-media exploration of Jewish history and heritage in Warsaw, from early days, through the Holocaust and the Warsaw Ghetto and its destruction, up until the present. Among other things, it explores how Jews have made a physical mark on the city, via architecture and the districts in which they lived.

There is also a smartphone app available to go with the online guide.

Updated: Jan. 02, 2019