The Senior Educators Program – The Melton Center for Jewish Education

Nov. 05, 2008

Source: The Senior Educators Program


The Senior Educators Program offers Jewish educators from all over the world a unique opportunity for professional development and personal enrichment. This 11-month program, conducted in Hebrew, takes place at the Melton Centre for Jewish Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and generous stipends for study and living expenses are awarded to all participants and their families.


Participants from assorted countries and cultures, representing every stream of contemporary Jewish life, bring their varied professional backgrounds and diverse areas of expertise to the Program. Senior Educators explore innovative approaches to Jewish education, probe critical issues in Jewish thought and develop new skills to bring home to their communities. Over 300 Jewish educators have graduated from the program.


The program is made up of required core courses and seminars, elective courses, additional courses at the Melton Center and courses in Hebrew language. The language of instruction is Hebrew. The program utilizes an online interface to enrich the members learning experiences. The program members participate in social activities and educational tours meeting with experienced educators and researchers.


The program is supported by The Department for Jewish Zionist Education of the Jewish Agency for Israel, the David and Inez Myers Foundation and the Mandel Foundation.

Updated: Nov. 06, 2008