G-dcast Torah Parsha Animations

Nov. 05, 2008

Source: G-dcast


G-dcast is an online series of bite-sized modern animations telling the story of 54 weekly Torah portions. The portion (parsha) narrators are storytellers, hip-hop artists, country music singers and a variety of people from around the globe who reinterpret and explain these parshas in a unique and entertaining way.


The mission of the project is to raise basic Jewish literacy in an accessible, fun way, especially for youth and young adults, while introducing the viewers to a selection of exciting voices of the Jewish world and their work.


The animations are provided for free on the G-dcast website and are downloadable as video-podcasts, to be viewed offline. They may also be embedded on blogs and websites.


The project also encourages the use of the animated portions by teachers, parents, youth group leaders and camp counselors for stimulating discussion and analysis, providing an online curriculum guide that includes questions about the story, critical thinking exercises and creative hooks for discussion.

Updated: Nov. 06, 2008