Yeshiva University Launches YUTorah App

February 21, 2019

Source: Yeshiva University


Yeshiva University is proud to announce the introduction of the YUTorah app for YUTorah Online, the largest audio Torah website in the world. Users from anywhere in the world will now be able to listen on their mobile devices to more than 180,000 shiurim [lectures] and over 2,000 male and female speakers affiliated with YU.

According to Rabbi Yaakov Glasser, the David Mitzner Dean of the Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) and University Life at Yeshiva University, “YUTorah is a beis midrash [study hall] like no other, a collection that we’ve never seen in the history of the Jewish people because it literally is interconnecting Torah learning communities all over the world under one virtual roof across a diverse array of speakers for people to come and engage. Most important, beyond the quantitative power of Talmud Torah, it’s a platform to host hundreds of independent interconnected Torah communities.”

The app allows users to search for speakers, create personalized preferences and adjust the speed of the speakers. Other features include the ability to return to different shiurim at different times, exactly where the user left them off, and to sort by thousands of different categories, venue, speaker, topic and parsha [portion of the Torah].

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Download the Android app here.

Download the Apple app here.


Updated: Mar. 07, 2019