Teaching Toward Tomorrow: Setting an Agenda for Modern Orthodox Education


Source: Academy for Torah Initiatives and Directions (ATID)


In order to overcome the problems caused by the almost complete lack of systematic data-based research on the conditions of Orthodox education in North America, ATID turned to fourteen leading educators and asked them to help set an agenda for the future of Orthodox education in North America. They were asked to articulate the problems and challenges that they see on the horizon, to set a research agenda for systematic study of Orthodox education, and to write a "wish list" of the resources they would like to see made available and the institutions that they would like to see founded or expanded. Three other experienced educators were asked to respond to these essays.


The essays were collected and edited by ATID's Director of Projects and Research, Dr.Yoel Finkelman and now published by ATID with some of its contents made available on the ATID website.


The following essays appear in the book:



  •  Shalom Berger, Tomorrow's Challenges
  • Jack Bieler, Assuring that Our Educational System is True to Modern Orthodoxy
  • Rivka Blau, What's Needed and What's Next in Our Yeshivot
  • Shalom Carmy, Wisdom or Prophecy?
  • Yoel Finkelman, A Good Close Look at Our Students
  • Jay Goldmintz, Back to Basics
  • Mark Gottlieb, Worldview: Recovering a Lost Vision
  • Susan M. Kardos, Crossing Borders
  • Jeffrey Kobrin, An Embarrassment of Riches
  • Gil S. Perl, Engaging the Past, Sustaining the Future
  • Yossi Prager, Aflluenza and Its Complications
  • Marvin Schick, Doing More With Less
  • Chaim I. Waxman, The "Good Old Days" Weren't So Good – What About Today?
  • Shira Weiss, Teaching for Relevance and Meaning



  • Esther Krauss, Moving Along or Moving Ahead?
  • Jon A. Levisohn, Jewish Education in Pursuit of Virtue
  • Jeffrey Saks, Mapping the Territory
Updated: Nov. 16, 2008