Lamorim – Giving French Jewish Schools the Means to Achieve Their Mission

October 16, 2019

Source: eJewish Philanthropy 


Lamorim was launched in 2017 to support French Jewish schools in their educational efforts in Jewish studies and Hebrew and in the adoption of innovative tools and methods. Lamorim is a fund, the fruit of a partnership between the State of Israel and philanthropic institutions in France and Europe. It addresses all French Jewish school and helps them to define a strategic vision, consistent with its identity and its educational project.

Lamorim’s commitment is to give Jewish schools in France the means to achieve their mission. Each action of Lamorim makes it possible to cultivate a little more the citizen identity of the pupils in France.

After 2 years of existence Lamorim supports 27 schools, 36 school principals and / or Heads of School and has an impact on 13,000 students.

Several activities and educational curricula in the areas of Jewish Education and Hebrew have been implemented. An online platform for teaching Jewish history is currently under development. Intensive Hebrew courses (ulpan) are organized twice a year in France and Israel, as well as trainings allowing teachers to integrate digital tools in their teaching (with Jewish Interactive and Sefaria). Nearly 1500 primary and secondary students became new users of Innovative Hebrew textbooks (YeshVa Yesh, Ivrit Be Click, ITalam) after Lamorim presented these methods to the schools, organized training sessions and offered financial support for their purchase. Pilots are being conducted in schools to test the relevance and feasibility of textbooks for teaching subjects such as Mishna (Sulamot), Gemara (Steinsaltz) and studies in Havruta (El Ami).

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