On the Road to Statehood


Source: On the Road to Statehood


On the Road to Statehood is a series of twenty web-based lessons, for middle school students that focus on Zionist history from 1881 until November 29, 1947. Students experience this pivotal era in Zionist history through the eyes of ten characters, featured throughout the site, who tell their own historically relevant stories. These stories engage the students and help make the historical periods come alive for them.


Along with first-person narratives, material in each chapter is also presented through text, photos, posters and links to other resources such as interactive maps, illustrations and newspaper articles.


Activities and enrichment opportunities are included, as is a glossary. The timeline helps students order the events they are learning about in historical sequence, as well as understand how events relate to each other. Through these engaging, interactive and multidimensional lessons students gain an appreciation for the interplay between historical, political, social and cultural factors.

The lessons may be used as a complete series or a smaller number of lessons may be selected. The first lesson - which introduces Kaf Tet b'November - may be taught as November 29 approaches.

The site includes a teacher's guide with pedagogical pointers for teachers using the website and its many diverse materials

This project was designed by The Centre for Enhancement of Jewish Education, Toronto (the Mercaz) and Yad Itzhak ben-Zvi in Jerusalem with the support of the L.A. Pincus Fund for Jewish Education in the Diaspora, Israel.

Updated: Dec. 03, 2008