"Creating Memory": An Arts-based Holocaust Education Program


Source: Lookstein Center 


The Lookstein Center presents "Creating Memory", an arts-based Holocaust education program intended to help young people encounter the Holocaust in a personal, emotional way. This online two session mini-course will offer practical ideas and implementation techniques for Jewish day school and informal Jewish educators.

The Creating Memory booklet will be made available free for all mini-course participants. Each mini-course is a two-part series, geared towards middle and high school educators across the globe.

Creating Memory is an arts-based program intended to help young people encounter the Holocaust in a personal, emotional way. Based on the successful Hebrew program created by Martin Herskovitz, participants will be exposed to poetry and text that express universally relatable themes, providing them with a basis for affective connection to the Holocaust.

The program is a two stage process the first is making the Holocaust more accessible by reading of poetry containing affective themes from the Holocaust such as family and belonging, memory and silence, place and displacement, faith and hope. These themes are relevant also to current generations and allows them to understand and access the emotional impact of the Holocaust and not only its historical manifestations.

The second stage of the process is to guide the student to channel these emotions into a creative outlet that allows them to feel part of the Holocaust narrative. It is now a narrative in which they can feel part of via their creativity. The active participation of the coming generations in voicing their own form of Holocaust remembrance is vital in insuring that Holocaust remembrance stays vibrant and relevant with the passage of the years.”

The mini-course is free but advanced registration is required.

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Updated: Feb. 17, 2020