Dimensions of Time in the Jewish Educational Thought of Joseph Lukinsky: Reflections on Maybe the Lies We Tell Are Really True edited by Barry Holtz and David Kahn (JTS, New York 2016)

February 2020

Source: Journal of Jewish Education, 86:1, 9-34 


This article represents a first attempt to analyze and synthesize the theological, hermeneutic, and educational insights of Joseph Sander Lukinsky, who was one of the foremost Jewish educational thinkers and master practitioners of recent times. Particular attention is paid to Lukinsky’s theology of revelation, to his educational theory, his hermeneutic orientation, and his practical pedagogy. The conclusion represents an effort to integrate the major insights gathered from these areas into a coherent web of thought.


It has been a privilege for me to do homage to Prof. Joseph Lukinsky by way of this preliminary foray into his Jewish educational thought. I deeply regret that I cannot share these thoughts with him personally, and hear his reactions … . I would like to thank Prof. Barry Holtz once again for making Lukinsky’s writings so pre-eminently accessible us. May we, his many students, and colleagues, be encouraged by this new anthology to continue his work and emulate his moral and intellectual example. It is difficult to believe that it has been almost ten years since his passing. May his memory be for a blessing.


Updated: Mar. 04, 2020