Learning, Teaching and Curating: Situated Digital Experience in Museums - A free course during the 2020 Coronavirus global pandemic

April 5, 2020

Source: MOFET International

MOFET International invites you to attend this free course which will help you create your own online museum to share with your students, colleagues and acquaintances.

Museums are the repository of our cultural heritage and thus should become destinations to explore and learn scientific, historic and artistic themes. Students can feel and sense valuable artefacts and handmade objects that shape their lives. The main question is: How do we encourage our visitors to satisfy their curiosity in the museum? Experimental methods and their didactics are the core of this online course.

We will see how all museums and heritage sites can be used as places of learning with the UNESCO Best Mobile Practice innovative technology – the Wandering Platform.

This free course will begin on April 5 and will include seven synchronized meetings that will take place via the ZOOM™ platform. Notice - this is not a MOOC, so, the number of participants is limited so hurry and sign up!

Free registration ends on 02.04.2020. The first online session will take place on 05.04.2020.

Each participant will create an interactive experience on the Wandering Platform. Participants will be able to make use and enjoy the site with their students and their communities.

Course Instructor - Talila Yehiel graduated from the Ceramic Design Department at Bezalel Academy of Art and also holds a Master’s degree from the History of Art Department at Tel Aviv University. Ms. Yehiel has extensive experience in teaching pupils at all levels as well as in mentoring teachers.

Her academic background, which integrates the material world, the creative process, and the world of research, furnishes her with tools that afford profound insight and a rich diversity of working strategies. Ms Yehiel has been involved in the creation of special tailor- made sites for museum visits, a project called “Learning Based on Location – the wandering”. Wandering around an exhibition hall via this site gets people involved and encourages them to interact with the exhibits.

Ms Yehiel has used her mobile platform all over Israel with science teachers and high-school English teachers as well as with students, and has taught them how to create their own “thewandering” sites.

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Updated: Mar. 29, 2020