Prayer services in Jewish religious high schools for girls in Israel - teachers' perspectives

March, 2020

Source: Journal of Religious Education volume 68, pages 43–58


This qualitative research aims to explore the experiences of teachers in the implementation of prayer services in religious high schools for girls in Israel. Twenty teachers from three different schools were interviewed as part of this qualitative research study. Interviews were conducted during 2017–2018. The research focused on what teachers felt were the goals of prayer services in schools and the challenges they faced in their implementation.

The research points to reasons why, from teachers' perspectives, these services are not maximizing their impact on the religious development of many students. Most importantly, the research highlights the inner tensions of teachers in balancing traditionalist approaches to the implementation of prayer services with more creative strategies to provide a more meaningful experience for their students.

While this research was conducted within the ethos of Jewish religious schools in Israel, it provides important data about teachers' views on prayer and spiritual development which can be of value to other religious denominations as well.

Updated: Apr. 30, 2020