Online Quarantine Quests and Scavenger Hunts for Summer Camps

May 21, 2020

Source: Israel Scaventures 


Although summer camps are cancelled, ScaVentures Quarantine Quests will connect campers with each other providing content that is fun and meaningful. With 10 years of experience in educational tourism and more than 30 000 happy clients, we moved our games online to allow families and groups of all kinds to feel connected and have fun together, despite the quarantine. As quarantines open up our online games will continue, but not be restricted to the home environment.

ScaVentures and quarantine quests for summer camps

Israel Quarantine Quest – * If Herzl had a dream to teach the world how to dance the hora, what would it look like? * Prepare and sell the dish that you invented that is currently all the rage in Shuk Machaneh Yehuda! * Rap the story of the founding of Tel Aviv on the dunes of the Mediterranean coast! All this and more on the Israel Quarantine Quest for campers!

Jerusalem Quarantine Quest – * Take a grid photo of your team dressed up as Jerusalemites, be as diverse as possible. * Make pancakes in the shape of Jerusalem symbols. * Why was the temple destroyed, what can your team do about this – do it! All this and more on the Jerusalem Quarantine Quest! NOTE: Appropriate programming for Tisha BÁv and the Three Weeks.

Tikun Olam Quarantine Quest – Make the world a better place and earn points doing that! A one week game. NOTE: Appropriate programming for Tisha BÁv and the Three Weeks.

Kol Yisrael Achim Quarantine Quest (Partnership) – Challenge another bunk/ camp/ school/ sunday school/ youth movement/city or country to a Quarantine Quest game! Mix and match teams or keep original teams. NOTE Talk to us about ideas to enhance this connection between different groups beyond the Quarantine Quest game.

Updated: May. 31, 2020