In Search Of Israeliness

Spring, 2012

Source: The Jewish Week


Israeliness, a new program sponsored by Dor Chadash USA and the 92nd Street Y, launched in September, 2008, is aimed at Israeli parents who are living in the Diaspora but want to give their children a Jewish and Israeli identity. Israeliness activities are geared for children from birth to age 6, usually revolving around Jewish holidays and other Jewish themes expressed in music, arts and crafts, storytelling and play.


The program is the first of its kind to serve the New York City's Israeli population. The nearly six hundred families listed in the programs database include those born in Israel, as well as Americans who hold Israeli citizenship and mixed couples.


The Israeliness Program , which is sponsored by Dor Chadash, a local volunteer group which aims to connect American and Israeli Jews while supporting Israel, aims to bond together the Israeli community and help them keep connected to their Israeli - Jewish identity.

Updated: Dec. 29, 2008