Chavruta on Sefaria


Source: Sefaria 


Jews worldwide read the entirety of the Torah over 11 months, one portion at a time — and when we get to the end, we start all over again at the beginning.

The Book of Genesis, or Bereshit (lit. “in the beginning”), takes us on a journey through the story of creation and introduces us to our ancestors along their path from the Garden of Eden to Egypt. And even though many of us know how the story ends, we continually reread it, finding new significance every time. To celebrate this next cycle, our engineers have developed a new way for you to experience and learn Torah on Sefaria.

Chavruta on Sefaria is a built-in tool that allows you to video chat with your study partner while viewing the text, without ever leaving the virtual library. Read the full tutorial to learn how to get started.

Wondering what to study with this new feature?
Here are a few options to inspire you, spark conversation, and deepen your learning experience, as you embark on the Torah cycle once more.

  • Start at the beginning: Read the weekly Torah portion with your chavruta and explore the connected commentaries in the resource panel. 
  • Explore a new topic: Start on a Topic Page — like Creation, Garden of Eden, or Miracles to follow your curiosity through texts, user-created content, and related topics. 


Updated: Oct. 22, 2020