Jewish Education Innovation Challenge Awards a Total of $80,000 for Ignition Grants for God Expansion in Jewish Day Schools

October 26, 2020

Source: JEIC


The Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC) has awarded a total of $80,000 to four Jewish day schools through Ignition Grants for God Expansion. (JEIC) initiated its Ignition Grants program in late 2018 to continue to catalyze change in day schools by supporting creative, out-of-the-box programs through micro-grants to a wider population of schools. Ignition Grants for God Expansion were added in summer 2020 to advance distinctive, enduring approaches for elevating and deepening the God-student relationship.

The Jewish day schools receiving JEIC Ignition Grants for God Expansion are:

  • Bnai Shalom Day School in Greensboro, NC for “Planting God-Expansive Idea Seeds”.
  • Fuchs Mizrachi School in Cleveland, OH for “Lifnai V’Lifnim”.
  • Maayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls in Teaneck, NJ for “Nurturing Souls in Jewish Education”
  • Mesivta Kesser Torah in Baltimore, MD for “English Language Arts Expositions of God”.

Over the past seven years, JEIC has supported more than 30 Jewish day schools’ innovations aimed at reigniting students’ passion for Jewish learning and improving the way Jewish values, literacy, practice and belief are transferred to the next generation. In addition to innovations funded through both Ignition Grants and Ignition Grants for God Expansion, many other previously-piloted educational models are available for scaling and implementing with JEIC’s investment of financial support and programmatic resources. Explore the current offerings.

The JEIC Ignition Grant online application can be found here.

Updated: Nov. 04, 2020