Jewish Interactive Chanukah Resources

Dec. 01, 2020

Source: Jewish Interactive 

Jewish Interactive has some nice Chanukah gifts for you: Great Chanukah resources and ideas for activities on how to make these 8 days more meaningful and fun!

Among the resources:

My Menorah
Let's light the candles, learn colors, count, and sing songs.
My Menorah is an app that your young children will love!
Available in both English and Hebrew.

8 Days of Happiness
Discover how your life can be filled with happiness and fulfillment, and how this all relates to Chanukah. This free e-book includes ideas and activities for your family for each day of Chanukah.

Chanukah Bytes
Chew on a taste of Chanukah with Ji Bytes. Each Ji Byte gives kids an individualized learning journey of multimedia, Ji Tap Games, online, and offline creative activities.

The Chanukah Resource Ebook

We've created a complete toolkit for Chanukah which contains meaningful, innovative and engaging resources for teaching children about Chanukah. The toolkit includes:

How to use tech resources to teach about Chanukah.

An overview of Chanukah and the different customs we observe over these 8 days .

The best educational games to teach Chanukah to kids.

How to create your own material to make these days special and exciting J-STEAM resources for Chanukah.

Click here for the resources.

Updated: Dec. 07, 2020