Shutaf Inclusion Guide


Source: Shutaf Inclusion Programs


“Just do inclusion,” we’re told. But sometimes, we need some help. Take a look at the Shutaf Inclusion Guide.  It’s online and easy to access, with teaching videos, articles, games and resources, available for all to use and share with others. We’ll be adding new materials - tell us what you need in order to move your work in your community spaces, from the classroom to camp, to the workplace, and wherever the community gathers.

Shutaf Inclusion Programs  in Jerusalem offers year-round activities for children, teens, and young adults, with and without disabilities. Shutaf is committed to quality services for all participants of all abilities, regardless of labels, financial limitations, cultural and religious differences.

Since 2007, more than 2,750 children and teens have attended 36 Shutaf camps and after school activities. That’s Impact!



Updated: Dec. 09, 2020