Pardes Jewish Studies In-Service Teacher Training Program

July 2021

Source: Pardes

Novice teachers need a lot of support. This is especially true for Jewish Studies teachers. The Jewish Studies In-Service Teacher Training Program,  a 14-month online program created and run by the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators, offers novice Jewish studies teachers 1-on-1 mentoring coupled with regular webinars that provide essential and practical pedagogical training, tailored for the teaching of Jewish texts. While already teaching in the classroom, these educators will get the skills and the extra support that they need!

This program provides participants: a more systematic approach to curriculum development and lesson planning; greater alignment between learning goals and teaching practices; a wider variety of tools and strategies for maximizing student engagement; Jewish studies content-specific pedagogy; opportunities to self-reflect on their practice.

JSITT has several integrated programmatic components, including:

  • Participation in online pedagogy webinars to be run in Summer, 2021.
  • Study of a pedagogy syllabus designed especially for in-service Jewish studies teachers via twice monthly webinars.
  • Once or twice a month 1-on-1 video mentoring to reflect on the participants’ personal teaching practice and to get feedback and/or support.
  • Either in-person or virtual observations of participant’s teaching in order to assist with hands on implementation of new pedagogy practices.
  • The second summer of the program can include an independent professional project, overseen by a mentor and/or in-person learning at Pardes in Jerusalem.
  • Participants earn a Certificate of Pedagogy in Jewish Studies from PCJE.

The program begins online July 6, 2021. Click here for more information.

Updated: Feb. 17, 2021