Nechama 21C: Enhancing Torah Instruction with Digital Tools: Where Nechama Leibowitz and Digital Technology Meet


Source: JETS 

Nechama 21C is a 10 hour online, self-paced course designed specifically for teachers of Torah and Navi on all grade levels, and shared on an interactive e-learning platform. Course participants engage with video presentations, tutorials, selected articles, web-based resources, interactive tools, and shared media in order to:

  1. Learn, practice, and implement Nechama Leibowitz’s methodologies, including:
  • Cultivating Empathy by Creating Meaningful Connections to Biblical Characters and Values.
  • Promoting HOTS: The Surprising Key to Strengthening Basic Vocab and Grammar Skills.
  • Flipping Learning to Foster Student Inquiry.
  • Analyzing, Comparing, Evaluating, Defending.
  • Identifying Keywords to Unlock Hidden Meaning.
  • Asking the Right Questions to Foster a Love of Learning.

       2. Master user-friendly digital tools to implement Nechama’s methods.

       3. Analyze examples of best practices.

       4. Collaborate with colleagues in applying these methods and tools to your own curricula.


See a quick view of the course here.  

Bonus: Gain access to the JETS Digital Toolbox, indexing a wide variety of EdTech tools with links to tutorials, “best practices”, and tips for effective implementation.

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Updated: Feb. 18, 2021