Collective Compassion: Your Resource for May's Mental Health Awareness Month

May, 2021

Source: The Jewish Teen Education & Engagement Funder Collaborative


Each May, the Jewish community joins the annual national movement to raise awareness for mental health and wellbeing. The Jewish Teen Education & Engagement Funder Collaborative is offering events and experiences designed to support all aspects of wellness: mind, body, spirit, Collective Compassion

Explore pop-up programs, creative workshops, giving circles, 'screenside chats' and wellness inspiration all month long. We hope you walk away with new self-care practices, coping strategies, and a deeper understanding of the dimensions of mental health. We have something for everyone.

This month, let's all practice Collective Compassion.

Among the resources:

  • CREATIVITY FOR COPING - Empowering Programs to Find Purpose and Meaning
  • EDUCATION & AWARENESS - Learn and Share Practical Tools for Mental Health
  • CPR FOR MENTAL HEALTH - Free Certification Courses in Mental Health First Aid

Collective Compassion was created by The Jewish Teen Education & Engagement Funder Collaborative, a network of local and national funders and 10 communities across the country who work together to nurture, create and scale new approaches to teen education and engagement. Collective Compassion partners are comprised of a diverse group of organizations.


Updated: May. 10, 2021