Learning with Honeymoon Israel

May 10, 2021

Source: Jim Joseph Foundation 


Honeymoon Israel’s vision is that every committed couple with at least one Jewish partner will possess the knowledge, inspiration, support system, and sense of belonging to build a family with meaningful connections to Jewish life and the Jewish people, thereby enhancing and strengthening the Jewish community.

For many young couples, there’s no easy way into Jewish life, especially during those critical years when they’re in permanent relationships and deciding how to shape their lives and family.

Honeymoon Israel (HMI) offers a way in through immersive group travel to Israel that lets couples encounter and explore history, tradition, and identity on their own terms. HMI engages couples in an open-ended inquiry into how they connect to Jewish life and how they’ll incorporate Jewish values and traditions into their families. Couples are offered space to explore for themselves how they can develop and experience community.

HMI is focused on controlled, intentional growth and ensuring they can deliver the trips and programs that best serve their groups. Currently HMI says no to three couples for every one they accept nationally; they don’t want to add more trips unless they’re set up for meaningful post-trip follow-up, which includes staffing and support on the ground. HMI also has more communities that want to partner, but HMI continues to be deliberate in the communities they select to ensure that the trip is not just an empty experience, but fulfills their goal:

“…to make young couples of all backgrounds feel welcome in the Jewish community and inspire them to incorporate Jewish values and traditions into their lives in their own way.”

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Updated: Jun. 21, 2021