Hundreds of foreign students to work in Israeli companies

June 16, 2021

Source: Jerusalem Post 


This summer, hundreds of college students from around the world will be coming to Israel for 6-10 weeks to work at Israeli companies and organizations in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and beyond. These are not make-your-coffee interns; they will be researching business trends, designing pricing models, sourcing deal flow, planning events and redesigning websites.

The smart CEOs who invest in this program aren’t doing it to ‘give back’ – they’re doing it for the value. For the drive and intensity of working with college students who are hungry for real-world experience. For the market knowledge these students bring from US, Asian, and European markets. For the long-term relationships to be established with students who will go on to work at global tech companies, Fortune 500 companies, venture capital firms, and hedge funds.

Programs that connect professionally-minded students with Israel’s most innovative companies aren’t just yielding value here in Israel; they are changing the nature of what it means to build a connection to Israel. They engage millennials outside of religion and politics, on a level that will establish important global ties in the years to come.

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Updated: Jun. 22, 2021