ATID Fellows 2009-10


Source: ATID Fellows 2009-10 


In the coming academic year the ATID Fellowship will again be comprised of a select number of Orthodox educators who have shown early promise of taking a role in educational leadership. The Jerusalem-based in-service program consists of weekly seminars, individual and group research projects and field work and mentoring by senior educators. The fellowship is awarded for two consecutive academic years, and the academic program runs from September-June.


The major components of the program include:

Group Meetings on Critical Issues Facing Jewish Education

Biweekly meetings facilitated by a member of the ATID faculty are held, focusing on the dynamics of education in the Modern Orthodox community. Occasional meetings with outstanding personalities in Jewish education and leadership take place within this framework as well.

Individual/Group Research Project

Each Fellow, together with a team of colleagues, is assigned a senior mentor. This group embarks upon research associated with a specific issue within Jewish education to which ATID is committed.


Each Fellow is paired with a senior educator who serves as mentor to the individual or team research project. The senior educators guide the Fellows as they enter state-of-the-art practices and thinking, and will remain partners and colleagues with the Fellows throughout their careers.

Preference will be given to applicants who wish to use the fellowship as an opportunity to launch new initiatives in Jewish education—in Israel or the Diaspora.

Each Fellow will receive a yearly stipend of $3,500 (US), for two consecutive years.

Updated: Feb. 26, 2009