GISHA - Conference on Teaching Hebrew to Students with Special Needs

April 26–April 27, 2009

Source: Hebrew College


The GISHA conference (Good Ideas Supporting Hebrew Access), to be held at Hebrew College, Newton Centre, MA, between April 26-27, will focus on how to help students with special needs to learn and use Hebrew reading skills in a variety of educational settings. Leading Jewish special education researchers and educators who specialize in Hebrew language will be presenting.


Conference highlights include pedagogical philosophies of teaching Hebrew language, second language acquisition, theories of reading competence, ways in which assessment can inform practice and the impact of learning disabilities on Hebrew reading.


Among the presenters:

Dr. Scott Sokol
Dr. Esther Geva
Dr. Tami Katzir
Dr. Scott Goldberg
Dr. Nina Goodman
Dr. Karen Gazith

Updated: Mar. 23, 2009