The Great Bat Mitzvah Makeover – 614 – The HBI eZINE

Mar. 05, 2009

Source: 614


This issue of 614 HBI eZINE examines the Bat Mitzva ceremony. Is it an important rite of passage into a Jewish life or a staged, pressured or even forced and uncomfortable event? The editors asked: What would it take to create a ceremony with meaningful rituals that left girls feeling truly connected to Judaism? This issue presents some of the solutions, opinions, and stories rounded up to spark the conversation.


The articles in the issue:


Bat Mitzvahs Around the World
Meeting Barbara Vinick, who has been collecting bat mitzvah stories from Mumbai, Libya, Croatia, and other surprising areas of the world

Take Back the Bat Mitzvah!
Four innovative ways to make the bat mitzvah more personal and religiously meaningful for girls

The Surprising Truth About Judith (Kaplan)
Although the first bat mitzvah in the United States was highly controversial, it was actually a pretty casual experience.

Coming Down from the Balcony
How a 47-year old woman from California ended up celebrating her bat mitzvah in Valencia, Spain.

It's Not Supposed to Be Theater
Coauthor of The JGirl's Guide explains why she is determined to make the bat mitzvah a more fulfilling experience.

The Most Unforgettable Gift
A mother helps her daughter "adopt" a Russian Jewish girl for her bat mitzvah.

For a deeper understanding of Bat Mizvah, recommend Bat Mitzvah gifts, and a few nostalgic books for fun

Updated: Mar. 30, 2009