Online Studies toward a Specialization Certificate in the Didactics of Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language


Source: MOFET JTEC Online Academy


The Online Academy for Jewish Studies at The MOFET Institute under the supervision of the Israel Ministry of Education has developed an online program whose aim is to assist teachers of Hebrew as a Foreign Language in the Diaspora. Teachers completing the course of study and fulfilling the practicum requirements will be eligible to receive a Specialization Certificate in the Didactics of Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language from the Online Academy.

Program objectives:

  • The program will focus on expanding teachers' and students' knowledge of the didactics of teaching the language: grammar (context-dependent), vocabulary, literature and expression;
  • Particular emphasis will be placed on the technological aspect and the use of audio-visual and internet aids in teaching the language;
  • The program will stress knowledge of Jewish sources and values as well as the love of Israel, and will instill democratic values and knowledge of the country's institutions.

Study Program:
The program consists of two sections:

  1. theoretical studies;
  2. practicum (practical specialization that includes guided observation of lessons and supervised teaching).

The theoretical section comprises two types of modular courses:

  1. basic courses (mandatory courses);
  2. enrichment courses (electives).

Students, who successfully complete eight courses – six mandatory courses plus two enrichment courses (thereby accumulating eight credit points – the equivalent of 224 study hours) and fulfill the requirements of the practicum, will be eligible to receive a specialization certificate in the didactics of Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language from The MOFET Institute's Online Academy.

Teaching Methods:
The program will be taught via the online course management system, MOFETNET, which was especially developed by The MOFET Institute's computer team. By means of this website, the study units and assignments will be conveyed to the students, who will then employ the same means to submit them to the lecturers.

In addition, synchronous real-time interaction lessons will be carried out on the INTERWISE interface.

MOFET's team of experts will instruct the students in the use of these advanced distance learning environments.

In addition, an online forum will be operated for the exchange of views and consultations between students and instructors as well as among students themselves with regard to everything concerning the didactics of teaching Hebrew as well as queries pertaining to the field of Hebrew language.

The first courses will be offered in the autumn, 2009 semester beginning on October 13, 2009. 

Updated: Apr. 23, 2009