Learn Israel

Apr. 06, 2009

Source: Learn Israel


Learn Israel is a resource for teachers and librarians to promote fair and balanced information about Israel provided by a national pro-Israel librarian's association. On this site, you can download lesson plans that meet California and national standards for a variety of subjects, select books, films and CD's which will be donated to your public or school library, schedule speaker programs, and provide answers for questions about education about the State of Israel.


Learn Israel provides a Student’s Corner with activities, games, articles and free, downloadable lesson plans about Israel that meet state and national standards for teachers, librarians and other educators.


Among the topics covered:

  • Ancient and Modern Israel
  • Literature, Art and Music
  • Science and Technology
  • Humanitarian Outreach
  • Many Faces of Israel

    Learn Israel also donates quality books, films & CD’s about Israel to public schools and libraries to add to their collections.

    Learn Israel offers salary point workshops and seminars for educators around the country on Israel related topics.

    The website also contains a listing of links to other related sites on the web.

Updated: May. 07, 2009