OTZMA: The Israel Teacher Corps Track


Source: OTZMA – ITC

OTZMA, the Israel service program supported by UJC/Jewish Federations of North America and the Jewish Agency for Israel, has launched a new project to give North American college graduates (age 20-26) an opportunity to spend 10 months teaching English in under-served Israeli schools. Called the Israel Teacher Corps (ITC), the program was inspired by the successful Teach for America program, in which top college graduates teach in struggling American schools.

Program Overview:
  1. Training
    The OTZMA ITC program will begin with the other OTZMA participants in an Israel orientation. After this first week, the ITC program will split off and commence a six-week pre-service ITC training and will include an intensive ulpan as well as training in English as a Second Language pedagogy, classroom management, etc. During this training period, ITC volunteers will visit their sites to observe their classrooms and become acquainted with their community.
  2. Site-Placement and Teaching
    ITC Volunteers will move to their partnership communities after the pre-service ITC training in groups of 3 or 4 and begin teaching. ITC volunteers will serve as English teachers/ teachers aides/ and/or English Resource Teachers in their schools and will be expected to teach/work with students approximately 35 hours per week. The ITC Coordinator will work with each school to determine the specific role and responsibility of the ITC Volunteer in that school. All assignments will be confirmed prior to the start of the program. ITC schools will include Kfarei No’ar (youth villages), as well as elementary, middle, and high schools. Each volunteer will receive a mentor within the school to advise and support them throughout the year. ITC participants will also be set up with a host family in their community.

In-Service Training and Trips
One in-service training will take place during the year (February) as well as, participating in OTZMA’s educational days throughout the year. ITC volunteers will enroll in a mandatory ulpan or tutoring for the entire year in Israel.

OTZMA will pilot the ITC program this year with 15 participants and plans to continue to grow each consecutive year in accordance with funding availability.

Updated: May. 07, 2009