MOFET International Portal of Teacher Education (ITEC)


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The objective of the MOFET International Portal of Teacher Education is to improve the flow of pedagogical knowledge and research on teacher education by helping researchers and teacher educators cope and keep abreast with the wealth of publications in the field. The portal's uniqueness resides in the coordinated processes of collecting, filtering, processing and distributing relevant research and non-research papers on education and teacher education within "one integrative reservoir".


In addition, portal users are invited to participate in a community dialog by making use of the site's response system and sharing their knowledge and insights regarding the contents presented with other users.


The MOFET ITEC Portal's listings include over 700 items classified in 13 categories of general and teacher's education. Each of the items are also assigned keyword, author and editor and date tags by the editorial staff to facilitate user friendly locating of items within the listings. The user-friendly interface was developed and is constantly being improved by the MOFET Institute IT unit.


The portal recently added a real time feed of teacher education news to its homepage. 

Users are invited to subscribe to the monthly MOFET ITEC newsletter which brings a listing of all the new items to their email. Readers can also subscribe to an RSS feed which brings portal updates directly to their RSS reader in real time.


MOFET ITEC Editorial Policy

The abstracts of the latest and newest papers and research studies published in the world's leading journals in the field of teacher education (such as Journal of Teacher Education and Teaching and Teacher Education) and major education conferences (such as EARLI and AERA) are collected in one database in the International Content Portal.

A survey of the material is conducted systematically and the selected items undergo processing and adaptation to a uniform online platform in accordance with defined categories and key words.


The MOFET Institute respects the authors' and researchers' copyrights and will provide links to complete papers only if the latter have been published on the net or if explicit permission to publish them has been granted. For full-text papers, readers are requested to avail themselves of academic libraries and online databases.

Updated: Jun. 04, 2009