The Summer 2009 Jewish Open Source Curriculum Project


Source: JOSCP


The Summer 2009 Jewish Open Source Curriculum Project is a pilot project which aims to collaboratively develop a curriculum for Orthodox Jewish education. The goal of the project is to develop educational standards and then create open source curricular materials which target those standards. As a first step in this progress, teachers are invited to collaborate in developing a short fourth grade Dinim (Jewish Law) curriculum for the Yamim Noraim (High Holidays) with both print and interactive digital content.


Educators interested in the project are invited to join the Moodle collaborative learning management platform designated for the project in order to participate in collaboratively developing the fourth grade learning curriculum and learning materials. The work on the project will be done online with each of the participants working on the project at least two hours a week. Participation in the project is on a voluntary basis.


The project is scheduled to run between early July until late August, 2009 during which time the collaborating educators will complete the three stages of the project:

Stage 1 - Developing the Standards

Stage 2 - Developing Assessments

Stage 3 - Developing the Curriculum

This summer project is a pilot for a broader plan of creating a curriculum for teaching Torah at Orthodox day schools outlined by Rabbi Tzvi Daum on his blog.

Updated: Jun. 25, 2009