The Rebbe’s Teachings – Chabad Pre-schools Across the US

Oct 29, 2009

Source: Tablet


Over 150 Chabad pre-schools and day care centers are spread across the US. Although 25% of them are in New York State, others are located throughout the US in places such as Alabama, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Hawaii and Nevada. California alone has has 26 Chabad preschools. Chabad, with the establishment of their preschools, is trying to reach out to parents of young children to expose parents and children to the warmth of Judaism, hoping to leave a lasting impression on them.

Chabad-affiliated preschools are, by most accounts, effectively run, successful centers of education. They are licensed by the state as well as accredited by Chabad. The three New York City preschools visited by the author all seemed lovely—the teachers warm and attentive, the children happily engaged.

The pre-school staff are generally warm and open towards the children and parents. The educational program is sensory-based and rich with Jewish experience. Nevertheless, many non-religious parents send their children to the Chabad institutions because of their professionalism and lower tuitions. Some of the families whose children attend are intermarried. The pre-school teachers and administrators often make a great effort to create a community atmosphere for the school's parents and children extending activities beyond the walls of the pre-school center.

Some of the non- Orthodox parents have trouble identifying with the religious practices of the schools, but send their children anyway because of the warm atmosphere, educational professionalism and affordable tuition.

Updated: Nov. 17, 2009