Jewish European Learning Experience Dot Net (JELED)


Source: JELED


JELED stands for child in Hebrew and at the same time for Jewish European Learning Experience Dot net. The JELED.Net website was initiated by the Jewish umbrella organizations of The Netherlands, Switzerland and Finland and aims to meet the needs of these communities for curricular materials, ideas and opportunities of interaction in their national languages.


Children can play games, solve puzzles and find coloring sheets and other activities on Jewish topics. Most of the material is based on the written JELED curriculum that is in use in the above mentioned communities and aims at involving children in Jewish Education beyond the restricted time of Talmud Torah classes. The forum enables children to get into contact with peers from other communities, both national and international.

Parents find a full overview of the curriculum taught in class and background material about the Jewish holidays and Jewish life cycle events. They also find suggestions for family activities around the Jewish holidays such as arts and crafts, family games, stories to tell and recipes to try out. A parents’ forum provides an opportunity for groups of parents to come together on-line and discuss issues connected with raising Jewish children.

The Teachers’ section aims at supporting the Jewish Studies teachers in striving for professional excellence. It offers a forum about issues of Jewish Education in the classroom, downloadable material and a list of educational links in the realm of Jewish Education.

The JELED project is especially developed for children living in European countries with a small Jewish community and an ‘uncommon’ language, at present Dutch, German and Finnish.

Updated: Dec. 06, 2009