Shimon Peres' YouTube Channel


Source: Peres YouTube Channel


Israeli President Shimon Peres recently launched his own YouTube channel. He inaugurated his channel alongside YouTube founder Chad Hurley, who made a special trip to Israel for the event. Peres will use the channel to meet Web surfers around the world, including those from countries with which Israel does not have formal diplomatic relations. The president also will answer questions from YouTube viewers at virtual news conferences he hosts.


Peres noted the importance of the web in today's society. "The Internet fundamentally changed the way we communicate with one another. As a man who believes in the power of technology, I am excited at the prospect of dialogue with the citizens of Israel and the world," he said.


Peres has uploaded to his channel important speeches, such as his acceptance of the Nobel Prize; key events, such as Hillary Clinton’s first official visit as U.S. secretary of state; and comedy films, including a few satires about him.

Updated: Dec. 09, 2009