Twebrew School - The First Social Media Hebrew School for Adults


Source: Tweebrew School


The latest initiative from The National Jewish Outreach Project is a Hebrew literacy project with Twitter and social media contacts.The project is an outgrowth of NJOP’s popular Read Hebrew America program, founded with the idea of reaching people who aren’t inclined to join community classes. Twebrew School offers three free learning options: Tweetup face - to - face sessions, online video lessons, and a newsletter signup; and those who already know Hebrew, can sign up to be a Twebrew School teacher.


The Three Twebrew School Models:

  1. Twebrew School Tweet Ups! As Twebrew School locations are added, you'll be able to visit and search for a Twebrew School Tweet Up location near you. Twebrew Schools are self-organized Hebrew classes sponsored by @JewishTweets We can help you find a Twebrew School teacher too! Then, you’ll attend a Twebrew School class once a week for five weeks at a convenient location. We’ll provide the Hebrew primers and lessons. You just show up!
  2. Twebrew School Light! Learning to read Hebrew has never been more convenient! You can register here to download a Hebrew primer and then view the introductory video to learn the How's and Why's of our Hebrew teaching technique. Then, we’ll Tweet out Twebrew School video lessons from our Twitterfeed. Miss a Tweet? No problem! You'll be able to visit and click on the video lesson you’ve missed to catch up!
  3. Not quite ready for Prime Time Twebrew School. Not sure you want to learn to read Hebrew? Think that learning about Hebrew is interesting? Simply subscribe to our daily Twebrew School e-newsletter! We’ll provide you with daily Hebrew words of wisdom!

Would you like to be a Twebrew School teacher? If you know how to read Hebrew well and know what a Tweet Up is, then you’re perfect for the volunteer job! We’ll help promote you and your Twebrew School class on Twitter and Facebook!

Updated: Dec. 23, 2009