Full Tuition Scholarships Available for Education Students at HUC-JIR


Source: HUC – JIR


As a result of a generous grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation, HUC-JIR will be offering full tuition scholarships to students who study Jewish education at the Schools of Education in Los Angeles and New York. This will be available for those students applying for 2010.


How is HUC-JIR able to offer full-tuition scholarships?
HUC-JIR has received a generous grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation for scholarships for people preparing for careers as professional Jewish educators.


Who is eligible for the scholarships?
Students who study Jewish education full-time at the College-Institute are eligible for full tuition scholarships.


Do the scholarships cover tuition for all three years of the program?
Students who are accepted to the program and begin their studies in 2010 will receive full tuition scholarships for the entire 3 years of their studies at HUC-JIR.


This grant is also allowing for full tuition for the Masters in Jewish Education program.

Updated: Dec. 28, 2009