Global Day of Jewish Learning

November 7, 2010

Source: Global Day of Jewish Learning 


After 45 years - and 45 volumes - Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz will hold a  siyyum haShas (a completion ceremony) on his monumental Talmud translation and commentary on Sunday November 7, 2010. That same day, it is anticipated that over 200 communities world-wide will celebrate this historic achievement with a Global Day of Jewish Learning. Locations from Paris to New York, from Moscow to Sao Paolo and Tel Aviv will participate.


Local events will feature classes - at all levels - in Jewish thought.  Event highlights will include Rabbi Steinsaltz's Hadran Kaddish - the special prayer recited at the conclusion of study - as it is broadcast live from Jerusalem.


Organizing partners for the Global Day include the Jewish Federations  of North America, the Joint Distribution Committee and the Jewish Community Centers Association.


The Global Day of Jewish Learning is an opportunity for Jews around the world to come together and share in a special day of learning and community building. Through participation in the Global Day of Jewish Learning, your community will benefit in many ways:

  • Uniting your entire community, regardless of affiliation;
  • Partnering with local day schools, synagogues and other local agencies;
  • Promoting Jewish education and empowering local educators;
  • Using the event as a launching pad for your own community initiatives;
  • Including your community in an historic, groundbreaking event.

This endeavor is only possible with the participation of Jewish communities and leaders throughout the world. While there are national and international partners for the project, each community will design a program that works best for it.


The Global Day headquarters will provide your community with the resources you’ll need to ensure your program’s success:

  • A community resource guide;
  • Curriculum with teaching material;
  • Templates for marketing and advertising;
  • Publicity material;
  • Social networking outlets; and
  • A resource center through the Global Day office.
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