Tefilah.org - Hebrew Prayer Education Resource

Source: Tefilah.org  
Tefilah.org is a Hebrew language website which provides study materials about traditional Jewish prayer in an interesting and systematic format. The prayers are examined through Biblical, Talmudic, historical and philosophical resources and are presented visually with the use of visually appealing, understandable MS Powerpoint presentations.
The different lessons deal with the following subjects:
  • General introduction to Tefilah (prayer)
  • The Daily Prayers
  • The Blessings
  • The Sabbath Prayers
  • The New Month Prayers
  • The Holiday Prayers
The site is dynamic, with new materials added periodically. It also contains a suggested course in Jewish Prayer based on the available materials. The site administrators encourage visitors to contact them with questions, comments and suggestions.
Updated: May. 30, 2010