Jewish Women's Archive Civil Rights Curriculum


Source: Living the Legacy


The Jewish Women's Archive has announced the launch of the gender inclusive civil rights module of Living the Legacy: A Jewish Social Justice Education Project. Developed for educators of 8th-12th grade students in a variety of formal and informal Jewish education settings (including supplementary schools, day schools, service learning projects, and retreats), it includes 16 lesson plans, all available online, free of charge, in an innovative online interface making it clear and easy to use.


Lessons are flexible and can be taught on their own or as part of a larger unit or course. This rich narrative is brought to life through over 85 primary sources, including letters, sermons, photographs, and oral histories. A selection of traditional Jewish texts complements the historical material.


Living the Legacy

Living the Legacy, a new online curriculum by the Jewish Women's Archive, brings to life the rich and deep history of Jewish Americans' activism through the stories of both women and men. The first module of LTL explores the role of Jews in the Civil Rights Movement. A second module, focusing on Jews and the Labor Movement, is under development.


The curriculum guides educators in teaching about Jews and social justice movements through the use of primary sources, such as letters, articles, oral histories, photographs, fiction, and organizational records. The curriculum also models a gender inclusive history, giving both women's and men's stories their rightful place in the history of American Jews and social justice.

Updated: Nov. 16, 2010