Jewish Treats’ Complete Guide to Chanukah!

Jewish Treats is excited to introduce their new free eBook: Complete Guide to Chanukah- your online resource to Chanukah. This 34 page eBook includes a little bit of everything: Discover how gelt became gifts, the enduring dreidel game and menorah lighting methods. You will also find recipes, fascinating facts and lots of family fun. Everything you need to know and have been wondering about this special holiday is now right at your fingertips!
Among the ebook's chapters:
  • The Story of Chanukah: What is this holiday really celebrating?
  • The Menorah: Methods and myths
  • Lighting the Chanukah Candles
  • Safety Tips
  • Susie Fishbein’s Greek Recipes
  • Eleni’s Chanukah Cookie Secrets
  • Chanukah Nostalgia: What our fans and followers are saying about Chanukah
  • Six Creative and Meaningful Chanukah Activities for the Family
  • From the Star of Blossom: Mayim Bialik’s thoughts on Chanukah
  • Festive Chanukah Songs
  • Spin the Dreidel: Why we gamble on Chanukah
  • Game Corner
  • Test Your Chanukah Skills
  • What are Chanukah Presents
  • Cool Gifts for $35 or Less
  • My Great-Grandfather’s Menorah
Updated: Nov. 30, 2010