URJ Education Summit: Youth Engagement

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Dec. 14, 2011
December 14 - December 16, 2011

Source: URJ Education Summit


The URJ welcomes the participation of congregational volunteer leaders and professionals at the URJ's Education Summit, December 14-16, 2011, outside Washington, DC. The Summit, a track of the URJ Biennial Convention, will include large and small group sessions dedicated to Teen Engagement successes, learning, and a campaign platform for congregations to sign on to – dedicating their efforts to maximize teen engagement with the 2020 vision of reaching a majority of b'nei/b'not mitzvah through high school and beyond.


Join the URJ Biennial to explore: What will attract our teens to Jewish experiences? What are our Movement's goals for Jewish living and learning? How do we create a culture in which the needs of all children are fully met? How do we build relationships between congregations and day school families?


The conversation about these issues has begun!

The Education Summit will focus on:

  • Engaging teens AND their families
  • Renewing the goals of Reform living and learning
  • Inclusion of all students in Jewish life
  • Raising the visibility of Jewish day schools

Jonathan Woocher, Chief Ideas Officer and Director of the Lippman Kanfer Institute at JESNA, will be participating in the Education Summit: Youth Engagement at the URJ Biennial.

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