Whole Person Learning

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Trends in Jewish Education
Jun. 03, 2012

Source: JESNA


How can Jewish education speak to every child and help them live meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling lives? How can Jewish texts, traditions, and experiences contribute to individual growth and development? As part of its ongoing work to advance innovation and positive change in Jewish education, JESNA's Lippman Kanfer Institute is pleased to share its latest web publication on Whole Person (Holistic) Learning, an approach to Jewish education that focuses on these critical questions.

In This Publication

Happily, a growing number of programs and institutions in Jewish education are, in different ways, putting this approach into action today. This web publication is designed to shine a spotlight on this growing and important movement in Jewish education. It profiles several noteworthy programs drawn from different segments of the Jewish educational landscape, including interviews with program leaders and materials that illustrate how the programs operate. The publication also includes a short primer on holistic learning, including how whole person learning relates to the field of education and Jewish education specifically, notes on some different philosophies that contribute to holistic education, and a list of resources for further learning and direct application.

Updated: Feb. 07, 2017
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