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Jul. 07, 2013
July 15, 2013

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AVI CHAI awarded scholarships to ten Jewish day school administrators for this year’s ISTE conference, took place from June 23-26 in San Antonio, Texas. Taking on the ISTE tagline, “Connected Learning. Connected World,” some of these AVI CHAI sponsored attendees have shared noteworthy conference take-aways and musings on the AVI CHAI Ed Tech Blog


Here are a few:

  • Embody Principles of Technology Integration: What impressed Chaya Goldberg of Ramaz most was not any one-off keynote or tool, but rather the way the conference itself embodied principles of educational technology.
  • Pedagogy Over Products: Jared Matas of the Jewish Community Day School of Boston discusses a session by fifth-grade teacher Julie Ramsay, who offers two approaches to the integration of technology into the classroom.
  • Play Hard, Fail Fast, and Keep Going: Dr. Eliezer Jones, Educational Technology Specialist at YU Institute for University-School Partnership, who facilitated a group reflections session amongst the AVI CHAI Sponsored participants, shares his thoughts on gamification and its potential for impact in the classroom.
  • Cohort Connections: Michael Bitton of the Magen David Yeshivah High School comments on the importance of the experience of a cohort of day school educators at ISTE. Tali Ben-Senior of The Epstein School also summarizes the ISTE opportunity as one where she could “network, learn and collaborate.”
  • All About Relationships: Michelle Andron of the Emek Hebrew Academy discusses the “Connected Learning” ISTE theme in the context of the importance of connecting.

Read the summaries of these posts at the AVI CHAI Blog.

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