A Taste of Biblical Hebrew for Teachers of Modern Hebrew – A MOFET Webinar

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In-Service Training
Dec. 22, 2013
December 22, 2013

Source: MOFET Hebrew Teachers' Online Forum


The MOFET Hebrew Teachers' Online Forum invites you to participate in an online Hebrew language webinar on December 22, 2013 at 19:00-21:30 Israel Standard Time. Rachel Halabe of British Columbia University in Vancouver, Canada, will be giving an introduction to Biblical Hebrew for teachers of Modern Hebrew. This free online webinar is the third webinar in Hebrew of the MOFET Hebrew Teachers' Online Forum in this school year.


Rachel recently published Hinneh - Biblical Hebrew the Practical Way with the Magnes Hebrew University Press.


You can access the webinar on the MOFET Eluminate platform here.

Please enter the webinar site at least 10 minutes before the scheduled webinar.

Make sure that you have JAVA installed on your computer. (You can download it for free here.)
Note: The webinar will be held in Hebrew!

For further information about the webinar or the MOFET Hebrew Teachers' Online Forum please contact Rachel Naperstek via email or phone - 052-4331311.

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