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Feb. 02, 2015

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Drisha Institute offers Torah study programs this summer with world-class educators in an open and inclusive environment. Join Drisha Institute’s June Kollel (Coed; May 28- June 28, 2014) and July College Kollel (Women Only; July 6- August 8, 2014). Both programs are designed to engage college-aged students through immersive text study in an environment in which Torah is studied with passion, rigor and commitment.


June Kollel - Coed; May 28- June 28, 2014

Participants in the Kollel engage in an intensive learning environment in which Torah is studied with passion, rigor, and commitment. Faculty members incorporate a broad range of approaches to the study of biblical, rabbinic, and philosophical texts, and invite participants to consider how these texts and ideas speak to them. Thrice-daily minyanim are complemented by morning hachanah l’tefillah -- workshops in which approaches and techniques for deepening our davening experiences are explored. All participants engage in community service (e.g. staffing a nearby homeless shelter), and are encouraged to reflect upon the relationship between this service and their learning and prayer.


Morning seder focuses on intensive Talmud study, with shiurim offered on different levels. After mincha, participants choose from a selection of classes; past offerings have included shiurim on Tanakh, Halakhah, Mishpat Ivri, and Jewish spiritual practices. Both morning and afternoon sedarim include chavruta study as well as shiur. There is night seder (followed by maariv) twice a week, and the beit midrash remains open every night for those who want to continue to study.


There will be a Shavuot and Shabbat retreat at Camp Moshava in Honesdale, PA from Tuesday, June 3 to Sunday, June 8 and a Kollel Shabbat on the final weekend of the program.
Participants commit to developing a program or project either on their campus or in their home communities to advance Torah, avodah or gemillut chassadim, to be implemented during the coming academic year. Participants will submit a brief description of their project upon completion.


Kollel participants receive a full tuition waiver and a living stipend of $1,000, half of which will be remitted at the end of June and half upon submission of a report about the implementation of their program or project.


July Beit Midrash – Women Only; July 6- August 8, 2014

Drisha’s July Beit Midrash is an exceptional learning experience for women of all ages and backgrounds from around the world who want to explore topics in Jewish learning and improve their textual skills. Courses include Biblical Hebrew, Talmud, Prayer, Tanakh, Halakhah, and Philosophy. Courses are offered at two levels: Level I is for students with limited experience working with classical Jewish texts; Level II courses are for students with the ability to read and understand texts in Hebrew or Aramaic. Due to the generosity of a donor, Drisha is offering special fellowships to female college students interested in studying in the July Beit Midrash.


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