Kosher Cooking School Opens in Brooklyn

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Jul. 08, 2008
July 8, 2008

Source: The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)


Recently, the only professional kosher cooking school in North America opened its doors. The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts in Flatbush, Brooklyn is offering a six-week intensive basic course in cooperation with the continuing education department of Kingsborough Community College.


The first thirteen participants have paid $4,500 to learn basic French culinary skills, from making sauces and soup stocks to cooking the perfect omelet. They also will learn about applying kosher laws in a commercial kitchen, mainly through lectures by rabbis from the OK kosher certification agency. They will be able to taste everything they prepare, something that kashrut observing students at other culinary schools can't do.


The Center's course may open up job opportunities for those looking for jobs as restaurant chefs, personal chefs, or in food production.

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